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Co-IP is a classic method for studying protein interactions based on the specificity of binding between antibodies and antigens.
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Product introduction:
Co-IP is a classic method for studying protein interactions based on the specificity of binding between antibodies and antigens.The principle is that when cells are lysed under non-denaturing conditions, many protein-protein interactors are retained in intact cells.Using the target protein-specific antibody immunoprecipitation, the precipitated protein complexes can be separated by denaturing gel electrophoresis to qualitatively or quantitatively analyze the interaction force between several proteins.(This kit is for scientific research purposes only)

Technical process:

Product features:

1.The cross-linking agent in the Co-IP Kit of BersinbioTM allows the antibody to be cross-linked with the agarose beads. During elution, only the bait protein and the capture protein are collected, and the antibody is still bound to the beads.
2.The eluent in the Co-IP Kit of BersinbioTM can separate the antibody and magnetic beads from the protein, and only contains protein complexes after elution.
3.The same antibody can be used for both immunoprecipitation and WB detection.
4.Eliminate the signal interference of antibody light and heavy chains in WB.
5.Simple operation, short time-consuming, objective and accurate results.

6.The first and exclusive product in China with independent intellectual property rights.


Bes3011 Co-IP 


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