TRAP is a research method for detecting RBPs or RNA.
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Product introduction:
TRAP is a research method for detecting RBPs or RNA.
The TRAP method firstly designs GST-MS2 fusion expression vector and ncRNA-MS2 stem-loop structure tandem repeat vector, and co-transforms cells to obtain GST-MS2 fusion protein and ncRNA-MS2 fusion RNA.In the cell, a complex of GST-MS2~ncRNA-MS2 and protein or RNA is formed.Finally, the cells are lysed, and the glutathione affinity agarose beads are used for pulling to obtain the target protein-RNA complex, which is further separated and purified to obtain the target protein or target RNA for the next detection and analysis.(This kit is for scientific research purposes only)

Technical process:

Result example:

Product features:

1.It solves the limitation that the traditional TRAP experiment is currently only applied to lncRNA and other interacting RNA or protein research.
2.The use of circular RNA expression vectors avoids the use of probe hybridization methods, and is completely immune to the false negative effects of probes that cannot bind to circRNA after the linker sequence is bound by the protein, and reduces the RNA degradation in the probe hybridization process.

3.BersinbioTM has independent intellectual property rights.


Bes5106 TRAP 


【In 2023

Article:circEIF3I facilitates the recruitment of SMAD3 to early endosomes to promote TGF-β signalling pathway-mediated activation of MMPs in pancreatic cancer

PeriodicalsMolecular Cancer


Article:LINC02159 promotes non-small cell lung cancer progression via ALYREF/YAP1 signaling

PeriodicalsMolecular Cancer


【In 2022

Article:Circular RNA EIF4G3 suppresses gastric cancer progression through inhibition of β-catenin by promoting δ-catenin ubiquitin degradation and  upregulating SIK1

PeriodicalsMolecular Cancer


ArticleALKBH5-mediated m6A modifcation of circCCDC134 facilitates cervical cancer metastasis by enhancing HIF1A transcription

PeriodicalsJournal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research


ArticleCircular RNA circLAMA3 inhibits the proliferation of bladder cancer by directly binding an mRNA

PeriodicalsMolecular Therapy: Oncolytics


ArticleCircular RNA circGLIS3 promotes bladder cancer proliferation via the miR-1273f/SKP1/Cyclin D1 axis

PeriodicalsCell Biology and Toxicology


【In 2021

ArticleCircDIDO1 inhibits gastric cancer progression by encoding a novel DIDO1-529aa protein and  regulating PRDX2 protein stability

PeriodicalsMolecular Cancer