DNA pulldown Kit

DNA pulldown is a technique used to study the interaction between DNA and protein.
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Product introduction:
DNA pulldown is a technique used to study the interaction between DNA and protein.The DNA pulldown Kit designs specific DNA probes for the target region, and the probes are labeled with desulphur biotin.Streptavidin is coupled to the magnetic beads and binds to desulphur biotin affinity.The cell nuclear extract is incubated with magnetic beads-DNA probe, and the protein molecule can specifically bind with the DNA probe.After washing, non-specific binding protein molecules can be removed.Finally, elution is performed in the eluent (for streptavidin) to obtain the target DNA probe-protein complex, and then the protein type is identified by Western blot or MS.(This kit is for scientific research purposes only)

Technical process:

Product features:

1.Fast and time-saving: From labeling probes to result analysis, all experiments only take 3 hours.
2.Stable and reliable: DNA ends are labeled with biotin, which does not affect the protein binding site. The labeled DNA can be stored for one year.
3.Completely equipped: The kit includes a control system, and you only need to prepare your own biotin-end-labeled DNA probes and nuclear protein samples.

4.Can obtain complete, high-concentration protein for mass spectrometry detection.


Bes5004 DNA pulldown


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