Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C) Kit

chromosome conformation capture (3C) is an innovative tool for mapping chromatin interactions.
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Product introduction:

chromosome conformation capture (3C), an innovative tool for mapping chromatin interactions, was applied to the spatial conformation analysis of chromatin during the study of gene expression in yeast, and subsequently developed into the study of intracellular chromatin interactions in metazoans. 3C technology can interpret the relationship between protein factors and chromatin interaction and the spatial conformation of chromatin interaction in the nucleus from the perspective of the whole genome.


Technical process:


The physical distance between different regions of the genome is analyzed by cross-linking, cutting, joining, and amplifying chromosomes




Basic mechanism:

Formaldehyde is used to fix chromatin in the cell, and then DNA is interrupted by restriction enzymes. Ligase is used to enable the adjacency between the cross-linked DNA fragments. Primers are designed near the cleavage sites of the two genes. If the linear positions of the two are close together, they can be amplified by PCR reaction; if the two do not interact, the linear positions are still far apart after treatment and cannot be amplified.


Product features:

1. Easy to operate, accurate and reliable results

2. Complete

3. Independent research and development


Bes5006(S) 3C kit 12T 

Bes5006(N) 3C kit 40T