According to different research objects, ChIRP technology combines high-throughput sequencing (ChIRP-Seq) and mass spectrometry (ChIRP-MS) to study the genes and proteins that interact with target RNA.
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Product introduction:
ChIRP is used in experiments to study the interaction between RNA and DNA, RNA and protein.According to different research objects, ChIRP technology combines high-throughput sequencing (ChIRP-Seq) and mass spectrometry (ChIRP-MS) to study the genes and proteins that interact with target RNA.(This kit is for scientific research purposes only)
ChIRP technology is to design a biotin probe set to specifically pull down the target RNA through base complementary pairing, and at the same time enrich the DNA, RNA or proteins (RBPs) that interact with it.Finally, the gene is subjected to high-throughput sequencing or PCR to obtain the downstream target gene that regulates RNA transcription regulation.At the same time, RBPs can carry out Western Blot verification or MS identification.
BersinbioTM ChIRP Kits include: ChIRP-DNA Kit, ChIRP-Protein Kit and ChIRP-DNA, Protein Kit.

Technical process:

Result example:

Product features:

1.The first domestic company to independently develop a ChIRP kit.
2.Leading detection methods, accurate results and good repeatability.
3.High sensitivity and low detection limit.
4.High sensitivity and high specificity.
5.Fast detection, easy operation, safe and convenient.

6.BersinbioTM has independent intellectual property rights.


Bes5104-1 ChIRP-DNA

Bes5104-2 ChIRP-Protein

Bes5104-3 ChIRP-DNAProtein


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